Rise Of Christ

A Community For All Christians

Rise Of Christ

A Community For All Christians

Mission Statement

We currently live in one of the most interesting times in human history. Natural events, national politics, and geopolitical events litter the news and internet. The average person is bombarded by negative and concerning news on a daily basis. There are many websites that exist around these topics and events.

This is not one of those websites…Read More


About Me

I feel it is important to give the visitors and subscribers some background information about myself. I’ve had many experiences as a Christian throughout my life. At this point in my journey I feel it is my obligation to share them and bring people together… Read More

Community Videos 

If you would like to share a video about your christian community please email us at RiseOfChrist7@gmail.com


Church Spotlight

Is your Church unique? Is your pastor an outstanding preacher? Is your Church historic and beautiful? If you think your Church or Parish should be featured in our “Church Spotlight” let us know! Don’t be shy! Every month RiseOfChrist.com will be featuring one or two special Churches on this site! Contact us through our email with some basic information. The name of your Church, the location, and who we can contact for in depth information. We are also willing to do a short Q&A interview with your Pastor!

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